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Digital Switch 4-Way ON/Off 220V-240V Light Digital Remote-Control Wireless Wall Switch with RF Remote Control

  • “NYRA STORES” is well known brand in LED lighting you will find many variaties for LED product in our catalog.
  • Remote control distance: about 8-15meters indoor, over 20m outdoor.
  • We are providing a high qulaity material and Low volatge product which you can use in many places and decorate every thing what you want with the NYRA STORES lighting product. Digital Switch
  • Product will come same as shown in the image there is not compromise with the service and product quality. So shop with us without any doubt.

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Digital Switch

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    NYRA STORES Digital Switch ON/Off 220V-240V Light Digital Remote-Control Wireless Wall Switch with RF Remote Control, Always Call Professional Electrician For Fitting Feature 100% Brand new and high quality. Suitable for drop light, crystal lamp, modern low-pressure lamp, absorb dome light, day flower lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, exhaust fan, etc. It can be used in household, stairs, corridor, washroom, toilet, workshop, warehouse, garage, factory lighting, etc. Fast and easy to install, not obstructed by walls, capable of connecting any loads. Remote controller and switch can be used simultaneously for ease and Flexibility. Stable signal receiving. Output: 4 way Load Power: Resistive load: maximum output power of single set is within 1000W(such as common incandescent light bulb, the light bulb) (like light with ballast: energy saving light, bracket lamp, absorb dome light). Package including 1 x 4 Way Switcher Splitter 1x Remote Control

    Digital Switch


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